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Understanding your requirements,challenges,technology and goals is the foundation of our product development services. Teams comprising experienced architects, accomplished engineers, platform specialists, and project managers collaborate to craft products that can be deployed and sustained globally. 

  • Converting Industry Standards into Products. 
  • Building Management Console for easy administration of your Product.
  • Complementing your Product with integrated toolset.

Sample of Our Special work:

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This is a comprehensive student information management system developed from the ground up to fulfill the needs of independent Colleges as they guide their students to success. Nediyo-educator information management system connects daily operations in the College environment ranging from Admissions and Registration to Finance, Faculty, Medical and Business Development. This reduces data error and ensures that information is always up-to-date throughout the College. This System supports an institution’s daily operations by eliminating duplicate data entry , sharing the most up-to-date information, maintaining a detailed history of essential records

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Implemented in :


P.B.College of Engineering Chennai
DMI College of Engineering Chennai
Loyola Institute of Technology Chennai
St.Joseph College of Engineering. Chennai
DMI Engineering College,Nagerkovil

Nediyo Educator–Report Writer

This application is developed for St.Marrys School in UK. This application comprises of four modules namely System Admin, Tutor, Head tutor, Student .The admin mode consists of adding the Year, form, Subjects, Password creations, Departments etc. The head tutor login will create the Students and assign the students to the Particular year, Staff and Subject. The head tutor to the corresponding years and to the corresponding subjects also assigned the staffs. Each student will have different options to select the subjects even though they are studying the same year. The head tutor will have to assign the subjects for the staffs where each staff will handle one or more subjects for the same year or different years. The tutor module will have the list of students assigned to the particular staff assigned by the head tutor. The tutor will have to write the report for the particular student. The tutor can also do editing the report; the report section will have the list of reports including individual report, overall report, student name list etc………. 

Implemented in :


  St Mary's School, Packhorse Road, Gerrards Cross, UK

MIS-Reporting System

 It provides a single source of data repository for streamlining your processes and reporting purposes.
 It has a simple user interface and is intuitive. This insures that the users spend less time in learning the system and hence, increase their productivity. Efficient security features provide data privacy and maintains data integrity.  Enables easy modifications, easy collaboration over the internet and offers complete life-cycle management for processes. Supports daily operations by eliminating duplicate data entry, sharing the most up-to-date information, maintaining a detailed history of essential records

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Implemented in :


Revenue Administration, Disaster Management and Mitigation Department

(Government of Tamil Nadu)

Nediyo-Online Appointment:

Patients can make appointments anytime, even after office hours. Patients can browse through the appointment book, select a desirable time, and make their appointments, all by themselves without any help from the doctor's staff. If a patient finds themselves not feeling well in the middle of the night, they just need to log in to the practice's web site from their home computer, and the next morning's appointment is just a click away! New patients can even fill out the New Patient Information Form online so that they don't have to spend extra time filling the form at the doctor's office.

Using an online appointment system reduces work load for doctor offices' staff. Doctors can check their schedule; reserve time for surgery or conference anytime from any computers connected to the Internet. Office personnel's spend less time on the phone to make, to cancel, and to reschedule appointments. New Patient Information is already in the system by the time the patient visits the office. As a result, overhead expenses can be minimized, productivity is increased and patients satisfaction is ensured.

Implemented in :




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